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The Parish Church of St. Thomas, Mellor
St. Thomas’ Parish  Church Mellor is a member of the Church of England and is part of the Diocese of Chester.

It stands today where a place of worship has been situated since the early fourteenth century.  The tower of the Church is of fifteenth century origin with the other parts of the building having been re-built several times.  Many ancient treasures are to be found within and without these walls, as well as some beautiful modern pieces.

The Church is open for some parts of the weekend for visitors to view the building and artefacts.  Items to look out for in the Church-yard are the remains of a Saxon Cross (now a sun dial), and the remains of the village stocks.  
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Vicar's Viewpoint
Vicar’s Viewpoint . . .
Click Here to read the recent sermons of Dr. Peter Jenner, vicar of Mellor Church.

St. Thomas’s Parish Church, Church Road, Mellor, Stockport, Cheshire.  SK6 5LX

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Thought for the Month...

Peter Jenner

From this month until the end of July there is a wedding at Mellor in most weeks. This is a prayer headed ‘For marriage as a sign to the world’:

Almighty God, in whom we live and move and have our being,

look graciously upon the world which you have made

and for which your Son gave his life,

and especially on all whom you have made to be one flesh in holy marriage.

May their lives together be a sign of your love to this broken world,

so that unity may overcome estrangement,

forgiveness heal guilt,

and joy overcome despair;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(From `Common Worship: Additional Prayers for the Marriage Service')



Prayer for Easter . . .

Peter Jenner